Nominate Or Donate - This is a Beautiful Effort

David Louis Cunha Foundation

Friends of the David Louis Cunha Foundation,

Part of David’s Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to families with children living with life threatening medical conditions.  But David’s Foundation also reaches out to children in general who are in need of some compassion and assistance in their daily lives and to local groups and agencies who are committed to help those children.

As we have entered the last two months of the year with the holidays not being too far off, David’s Foundation appeals to you for your assistance.  If you should know of a family or group/agency that you believe the David Louis Cunha Foundation could assist, please let us know.

We will gladly consider any suggestion.  We are greatly indebted to all of our wonderful family and friends who have supported us for these last three years and we are always very conscious in how and who we donate our funds to.  That being said, any suggested  family or group/agency will be carefully reviewed for consideration.

Thank you all so very much for your continued support…and please help David’s Foundation successfully continue its mission.

Please use the form on our website to provide us the contact information we need to start this Christmas Giving process.  ALL information submitted will be kept proprietary to the DLC Foundation and NO recipients will be contacted without prior consent from you.